Sexy Hollywood actress Christina Applegate has found herself in the jury pool for the murder trial of veteran actor Robert Blake.

The Wonderland beauty spent nine hours at the VAN NUYS courthouse in Los Angeles with hundreds of potential jurors, and hasn't yet managed to convince JUDGE DARLENE SCHEMPP she's too busy with work commitments for a potential four to five month trial.

Amazingly, Applegate wasn't the only famous actor to be called up either - THIS IS SPINAL TAP star Harry Shearer, now better known for voicing animated TV comedy The Simpsons characters MR BURNS and NED FLANDERS, was also summoned.

However, Shearer managed to convince the judge he is "contractually committed" to The Simpsons and he'd "probably be sued for breach of contract" if he couldn't go to work.

He says, "I spent the afternoon with Christina making jokes, like the bad kids in the back of the classroom.

"Obviously, if you're a well-known person, no attorney is going to let you serve on a jury - not the Robert Blake jury, for starters."

Former BARETTA star Blake stands accused of murdering his wife BONNY LEE BAKLEY, 44, on 4 May 2001.

08/01/2004 21:23