Actress Christina Applegate can't believe she has such a happy marriage to THAT THING YOU DO star Johnathon Schaech because just a decade ago she was caught up in a violent relationship.

THE SWEETEST THING star has never named her abusive ex, but she admits to America's JANE magazine that she's so relieved she eventually met the right guy.

She says, "He had to get out. It had to stop. And it stopped and we moved on, and 10 years later, I'm married to an amazing human being and I'm really lucky."

Applegate admits she hasn't kept in touch with her violent ex, and she's rather forget about him: "I just hope he's not f**king somebody else up somewhere."

The actress is so happy with her life she's planning on starting a family in 2005.

She adds, "That's something I'm going to do."

28/10/2004 02:47