TONY AWARD-nominated actress Christina Applegate has found an interesting side effect to breaking her foot - men have stopped checking out her breasts.

The former TV star, who played trashy KELLY BUNDY in sitcom MARRIED... WITH CHILDREN, hit the headlines earlier this year (05) when a foot accident led to stage show SWEET CHARITY being cancelled.

Trooper Applegate insisted the show must go on and she's currently hobbling on in the musical to critical acclaim - and it's winning her new fans.

She explains, "Being a woman and probably having played a tramp on television, when I would go into restaurants people would usually check out my stuff.

"Now, they immediately check out my foot. No one is, like, checking me out anymore; no one wants to look at my butt or my boobs. They just go right to the foot.

"I can hear them (whisper), 'She's limping... Is she limping?'"

31/05/2005 09:26