A stalker who has been impersonating former BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star MAIA CAMPBELL has been sent to jail.

The actress, who played MARIAH MURPHY in the hit teen soap, insists the man she refuses to name needs psychological help after he tapped her phone to get candid details about her life.

Campbell claims the cross-dressing doppelganger also tries to pass himself off as Christina Aguilera and Tatyana Ali.

She says, "He went to jail for impersonating me and for stalking me. He has said he was my husband and that's not true.

"He used to make calls that were threatening to my management and it really threatened my business. I really wish he would leave me alone."

Campbell admits she came once face to face with the mysterious man at a party for producer Jermaine Dupri.

She recalls, "He introduced himself to me and he was very strange. He just tried to get in all my business and I realised then he was the one that was making all the faulty calls.

"He's sick and basically needs to be locked up (for good) because he has a problem.

"I called his probation officer and I just pray on it that he would just leave me alone... He wants to be a celebrity woman and he's not."

18/01/2005 21:29