Christina Aguilera sought comfort in soul music to help her cope with the pain of living in an abusive household while she was growing up. The AIN'T NO OTHER MAN singer returned to her soul music roots when she was working on her new album and selected songs that helped her through her turbulent childhood. She tells Seventeen magazine, "My grandmother and I used to go to record stores and flip through old (soul) records. "I completely connected with the music. There's so much pain behind it. "(When I was young) I think I used music as an escape without even knowing it. It took my mind off my environment, which was unstable (because of abuse)." Aguilera has been married to music executive Jordan Bratman for nearly a year and credits him with giving her a sense of peace. She adds, "I had a lot of walls up (when we met). He was really the first person that made me feel I could let all those guards down."