The Voice has been a big hit in the USA, causing American Idol to seriously have a re-think about its strategy to maintain its reality contest dominance for the first time since it started over a decade ago. Now into its third season, the Nbc show is going to be doing battle with the X Factor, which starts its second season tomorrow night (September 12th) on Fox. For The Voice, though, it started its new run last night (September 10th) with the show's voice coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine kicking off proceedings with a group cover of The Rolling Stones' Start Me Up.

Then it got down to the best bit of the entire series: the blind auditions. As you will now know, the coaches all have their backs turned to the contestants when they're singing, judging them only by voice. If they like what they hear, they turn around. Genius. Or, y'know, quite good. Anyway, some of the early contestants to impress included De Borah, who was cast out of a gospel choir because, in her words "I'm into love, I'm not into the whole gender thing". Her vocals and presence won over Aguilera.

Meanwhile yodeller Gracia Harrison also impressed the judges, her country stylings making her a perfect fit for Shelton - a match that duly happened. Returning contestant Daniela Rosa managed to find favour at the second time of asking too, joining Green; the best of the lot however was Bryan Keith, who received the only unanimous "yes" of the evening and a standing ovation to boot for a cover of Bruno Mars' Let It Rain. He joined Levine's team.