Dejected fans of Christina Aguilera who lost money after a tour was cancelled may finally be getting a refund. In 2004 the 25-year-old singing sensation pulled out of the second leg of her 'Stripped' tour citing vocal strain. To add to fans' misery Aguilera's fan club company, FansRule, had gone bankrupt some months before. Since then many fans, some of whom paid FansRule up to $325 (GBP180) for VIP ticket deals, have given up on ever getting their money back. However an attorney acting for the star in the FansRule bankruptcy case tells MTV, "You should know that Christina has arranged through her attorneys to ensure that consumers would be receiving the maximum return possible by virtue of the fact that Christina has agreed that any amounts due to her and her company should instead be used to satisfy the claims of the many fans who purchased tickets through FansRule." Ticketholders wanting a refund have been advised to visit Aguilera's website and fill in a claims form.