Christina Aguilera mocked her long-running feud with fellow pop star KELLY OSBOURNE during an appearance on American comedy show Saturday Night Live this weekend (21FEB04).

The stars - who have known each other from childhood - have been locked in a bitter war of words since 2002 which has shown no signs of letting up, and DIRRTY singer Christina poked fun at their feud on the show when she pretended to meet with Kelly after performing in a concert.

After Sharon Osbourne, played by Amy Poehler, urged her daughter Kelly, played by Rachel Dratch, to apologise for their feud, Dratch said, "I'm sorry - you're so much more than a worn out spunk barge!

"If I had your voice and your body, I'd probably be secure enough to be a k**b-gobbling road whore too!"

26/02/2004 17:38