Singer Christina Aguilera has gone even dirtier in the video for her new song FIGHTER - by covering herself with bugs.

The DIRRTY star, 22, has ditched her favoured skimpy outfits to go back to nature and cover herself with moths for the video, put together by surrealist director FLORIA SIGISMONDI - best known for helming Marilyn Manson's clip for THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.

Aguilera explains, "It's all about overcoming some sort of hard time with someone who does you wrong. The whole purpose of the purpose of the video is this whole metamorphosis of me turning from this weak kind of cocoon-like person into this strong, beautiful butterfly or moth."

Fighter is a deeply personal song - Aguilera reportedly wrote it about her father FAUSTO, who walked out of her life after subjecting her mother SHELLY to years of physical abuse.

She sings over rocker Dave Navarro's guitar chords in the opening of the song, "After all you put me through/You'd think I despise you/But in the end I wanna thank you/'Cause you make me that much stronger."