Christina Aguilera felt it was ''important'' for her to leave 'The Voice' after she became ''disconnected'' from the show.

The 37-year-old singer - who starred as a judge on the talent show between 2011 and 2016 - decided to walk away from the NBC programme after becoming disgruntled with some of the behind-the-scenes goings on.

She said: ''[I felt] disconnected for a while and I wasn't in the right headspace either being in an environment that was just not good for me''.

The 'Dirrty' hitmaker was a big fan of the blind audition phase of the show, because she felt it was more meritocratic.

However, the chart-topping star ultimately decided to quit the programme because she was unhappy with the general working environment, saying it was something ''no one would want to put up with'' on a daily basis.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, Christina shared: ''The blind audition idea was really intriguing to me because it was an opportunity for anyone to get on stage and be discovered, regardless of how they looked.

''I also saw blatant things that I did not think were OK and that I am sure no one would want to put up with in the work environment. It was important for me to step away.''

Since quitting the show, Christina has returned to her touring roots.

But the 'Candyman' hitmaker admitted she's been happy to play modestly-sized venues because she's ''scared'' by the idea of performing in front of huge audiences.

Christina - who took a decade-long break from touring - explained: ''I am dipping my toe back in this water while also giving my fans a chance to see me after they have not in so long.''