Christina Aguilera is in a ''great place in her life''.

The 32-year-old singer - who is still in a long term relationship with Matthew Rutler and recently shed a few pounds - is focusing on taking care of herself and being healthy after deciding to take a well earned break from the fourth season of 'The Voice' USA.

A source told ''Without the gruelling production hours Christina can focus ... most importantly on herself. Its amazing what having some personal time can do not only for the body but also for the mind and the spirit.''

The blonde star's stylist Simon Harouche also revealed her current happiness is having a huge impact on her wardrobe choices.

She said: ''Christina is in a great place in her life and is looking great. She's been gravitating towards less provocative silhouettes. While still wanting to keep it feminine and sexy, her outfit choices lately are leaving more to the imagination.

''Clothes reflect where you are at mentally sometimes. I think Christina's in a happy place and that is reflected in her clothing choices.''

Christina recently revealed she wants to get ''re-inspired'' and is taking a trip to Japan with her five-year-old son Max.

She said: ''I'm going on vacation next week with my son, first time in Japan, which is such an inspirational place for me [to] get re-inspired, rejuvenated for what's to come... I can't say everything!''

Asked about the possibility of new music, she added: ''We'll see, yeah, if it feels right.''