Christina Aguilera has revealed that she likes the new format of The Voice, though it claimed two of her singers on Tuesday night (April 3, 2012). Speaking to Billboard, the 'Dirty' singer explained that she liked the added twist of contestants choosing a song and getting one last chance to impress the judges.
"We kinda had a minute to understand what it was all about last year," Aguilera told Billboard. "Although this year, a really cool twist was them getting to come out, pick a song. and sort of get one last chance. In those blind auditions we'd have no clue what's behind us and all we had was the big red button. And all you could go by is what sounded good to your ears. What moves you. I went into this year really wanting unique voices, and I think that's what I got." On Tuesday night's show, four contestants were ousted from the contest. From her own group, Christina decided to keep hold of Ashley De La Rosa and dropped Sera Hill and Moses Stone.