Christina Aguilera loves being a ''mama bear''.

The 37-year-old singer has admitted she relishes the challenge of caring for her ten-year-old son Max and her three-year-old daughter Summer Rain, describing motherhood as her ''most important job''.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar magazine, Christina explained: ''I love being mama bear and providing support, strength, and a safe haven to my babies and loved ones, knowing that, above all else, it's the most important job I have.''

Despite being one of the world's best-known singers, Christina - who has been with her current partner, Matthew Rutler, since 2010 - hasn't yet been able to charm her daughter with her vocal talents.

The 'Candyman' hitmaker previously revealed that Summer - who she has with Matthew - doesn't like it when her mother's vocals stop her from enjoying her favourite TV shows.

Christina shared: ''When I'm doing my vocal warm-ups, she slams the door and goes, 'You're interrupting Peppa Pig!' It's hilarious.''

At the moment, Christina is preparing for her Liberation tour, which represents her first concert series in a decade.

And the chart-topping star recently admitted she has been hesitant about getting back on the road because she doesn't want to be without her children for any length of time.

She said: ''The last time I was on tour, I was pregnant with my son onstage, so I was about to give birth.

''At a certain point I had to stop touring for safety reasons. You get to a certain point [where] you have to stop.

''Ever since then I was like, 'How do people do this with kids and touring?' But, you know, it's time for mama to get back to what I was born to do.''