Christina Aguilera is working on a new, authentic Latin album.

The 'Beautiful' hitmaker has released eight studio records to date, but she revealed she is currently looking at making a follow-up to her 2000 Latin LP 'Mi Reflejo'.

She told Billboard: ''I've been wanting to do it for years. But I want to do it the right way.

''I want to work with musicians and beautiful people from the Latin world who just eat, sleep and breathe it, and live it, and learn from them. I want to really experience it from the ground up.''

The 38-year-old singer grew up in Staten Island in New York City and revealed while her parents spoke Spanish around the house, she ''never fully learned'' it herself.

In preparation for the upcoming album, she has started lessons in between recording and playing her Las Vegas residency.

She added: ''I always heard my parents speak it in the house, but I never fully learned [Spanish].

''I'm even digging in and trying to start the lessons - it'll take a little time balancing the show and the recording hours, but it's coming.''

Christina's Sin City show 'Xperience' kicked off on Friday (31.05.19) at the Zappos Theatre in Planet Hollywood, and she is determined to add to the legacy of female artists performing in Vegas.

She said: ''It's truly a blessing to feel the female energy here [in Las Vegas]. It's always important to me too that I'm not just stepping into a man's world and that this is an opportunity to be yet another kick-ass female to own f***ing Vegas