Singer Christina Aguilera purposefully dates men who aren't celebrities as she feels they are more genuine in relationships.

The Beautiful hitmaker has had her fair share of significant others who work in the entertainment business, but hardly any of them have been stars.

From ex-husband Jordan Bratman, a music marketing executive, to current beau, Matthew Rutler, who she met on the set of her film Burlesque where he served as a production assistant, Aguilera has made it clear she isn't eager to find a leading man in the spotlight.

And in an interview with Queen Latifah on her new U.S. chat show on Monday (14Oct13), the host inquired about Aguilera's recent confession to Maxim magazine, where she said, "I love genuine guys - that's why I pretty much stay away from celebs."

Aguilera explains her dating rule and says, "For me in particular, there are some amazing men out there that are celebrities, but I've always been the girl to look at the guy behind the camera rather than the actor in front of it.

"I don't like boastful guys who wanna brag about money or status... When I go home and I check out from work, I don't wanna go talk about more work on camera with my partner. I wanna get real and talk about his life."