Christina Aguilera felt her record label treated her like a 'Barbie' doll.

The 37-year-old singer became an instant sensation at the age of 18 with her hit single 'Genie in a Bottle' before going on to become one of pop music's biggest stars, but the blonde bombshell admits the team at her record label, RCA records, wanted to control her image at the start of her career and would only ''approve'' outfits they thought represented a wholesome girl-next-door image.

Discussing the orange Abercrombie trousers and tasseled crop-top she rocked in the video - which was a popular style statement in the 90's when she and fellow pop star Britney Spears were starting their careers - she said: ''My very first video ever, sporting the midriff, that was the times! That was the main thing, me, Brit Brit just sporting the crop tops!

''At that point in my career, I was still playing the label game, and I was going to these fittings where I was just being watched by certain members of the label and it was very like 'that's approved, that's not approved' So it was super confining and super restricting and it made me feel like a weird Barbie of sorts.

''But it was paying my dues and at least it was successful enough to get my foot in the door, and at least looking at this one it wasn't that bad.''

However, as she matured she decided to ditch her wholesome image with the release of 'Dirrty' and she looks back on the video as the ''best time'' of her life because she was able to be more ''creative'' with her image.

Speaking to W, she said: ''This just has to be one of my all-time favorite videos ever it was living life at 21 at its best and bringing chaps to the scene and controversy flared and sometimes that's what being creative, being an artist and a risk-taker is all about, and I look back at that video for just being one of the best times.''

And Christina loved when Kylie Jenner, 20, famously recreated her outfit for a Halloween costume and admitted she has kept her nose ring from the video in a ''keepsake box''.

''Years later, Kylie Jenner wearing the chaps and Miley Cyrus putting it in her concert all these little nods and them killing it in their own way to it and bringing it to life in their own way. My nose ring was so big at the time, we all called it 'the Ferris wheel', and I still have it tucked away in my keepsake jewelry box.''