Christina Aguilera stole the show on the second season of The Voice, but perhaps for all the wrong reasons. Though Jermaine Paul was crowned the winner of the show, viewers will probably remember the series for Aguilera's bitter feud with finalist Tony Lucca, whom she appeared with on 'The Mickey Mouse Club' as kids.
The feud began when Lucca first took to the stage and Aguilera seemed not to recognize him. As the show continued, Christina became more and more critical of Lucca and specifically targeted him a number of times. Lucca "tried to be professional and first and ignore her unfavourable critiques", according to MTV News, but the tension intensified. Eventually, he snapped back, saying, "I'm not going to let one person bring me down. Clearly that seems like part of her strategy". However, according to Mickey Mouse Club co-star Dale Godboldo, there may be a reason for Aguilera's critiques. He told, "Christina was in love with him.But she wasn't the only one. Britney was in love with him.All of this ['The Voice'] madness was not brought on by Tony".
Nevertheless, it appears that Aguilera attempted to bury the hatchet and whispered something into Lucca's ear during the season finale. A source told US Weekly, "She just wanted to clear the air a bit".