Christina Aguilera feels ''fulfilled and alive'' after returning to the stage.

The 'Genie In A Bottle' hitmaker couldn't believe she was performing her own tour again, her first in a decade, and took to Instagram to share her excitement to be back with her fans.

Referring to her opening show in Florida on Tuesday, she wrote on Instagram: ''What an amazing warm welcome back to the stage after 10 years (too many!) - felt like coming HOME again!! Thanks to all of you in Florida for your beautiful energy. I feel fulfilled and alive and cannot wait to see you Fighters in New Jersey on Friday. #LiberationTour (sic)''

Christina had previously confessed she took a decade off from touring to be with her family -her son Max Liron, 10, and her daughter Summer Rain, four.

She told the crowd: ''Being a mom is really important to me and I'm a very hands-on mom. I never want them to feel that they live in my shadow or that they are not important. I don't wanna be that kind of mom, so I took some time off for them. But momma needs to go back to what she's meant to do ... The last time I was on tour, I was pregnant with my son onstage, so I was about to give birth. At a certain point I had to stop touring for safety reasons. You get to a certain point [where] you have to stop. Ever since then I was like, 'How do people do this with kids and touring?' But, you know, it's time for mama to get back to what I was born to do.''