Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green are recording another duet.

The 'Fighter' hitmaker has already recorded her part of the track, with her fellow 'The Voice' coach preparing to enter the studio to set down his vocals.

However, Cee Lo - who previously collaborated on 'Nasty' with the singer, which surfaced last year but was recorded long before they worked on 'The Voice' together - refused to give away too much about the song because it may share its title with Christina's forthcoming album.

He told Billboard: ''It's a song for her album. I won't disclose the title, because it could possibly be a working title.

''You know, but we've talked about it amongst ourselves and I'm gonna go in on it and work it out. It'll be the second song we've done.''

Explaining Christina has recorded her part of the track, he added: ''I just gotta get in there and... splash.''

Christina recently revealed she plans to release her album - the follow-up to 2010's 'Bionic' - later this year after admitting her commitment to 'The Voice' meant it had taken longer than expected.

She said: ''I started [the album] whenever I started this show, and then 'The Voice' kind of took off into this big thing. So, the show used to be a side project and kind of turned into a bigger time-fulfilling, dedicated project for me.

''[The album] is just filled with fun and excitement, and it's gonna come out later this year.

''I'm very, very excited to share it with my fans, finally.''