Christina Aguilera brought out her daughter Summer Rain on stage with her in St. Louis.

The 'Genie in a Bottle' hitmaker brought her kids - Max Liron, 10, and Summer, four - on the road during her Liberation Tour that stopped in St. Louis, Missouri on Tuesday night (06.11.18), and surprised fans by bringing her crowd-shy daughter on stage.

Speaking in an Instagram video, Aguilera says to Summer: ''Do you want to hear everybody sing?''

The star then listens to the crowd performing and admits: ''It's beautiful, Sum! You hear that? I love you guys. Summer, this was way before you were born. Mommy was wearing Chucks.''

The star posted the video to her social media and captioned the post: ''Summer begs me to come out every night onstage! And then gets shy...but loves it...she's taking it all in early.''

The 'Stripped' chart topper admitted that having her children with her on tour has completely changed the experience for her.

She previously said: ''It's a lot of extra work. But it's amazing. It's actually why I was hesitant because it's a lot to juggle, so many hats and so many things at the same time.

''I'm ultimately Mama Bear, so whenever we check into a hotel, it's hard. Sometimes it's four in the morning, but it's not all about me. It's different from touring when you're 21 years old. It's very narcissistic, and all you think about is yourself. All you have to think about is yourself, and now you're thinking about the blankies and the favourite stuffies and it's all the mom stuff.''