Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears are still jumping with excitement after sharing raunchy kisses with Madonna at Thursday's (28AUG03) MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS.

In a mock wedding scene, the trio of singers prompted cheers of delight throughout New York's Radio City Music Hall and shockwaves around the world when they intimately kissed each other.

And the experience was a dream come true for Christina and Britney, who had to smooch Madonna repeatedly during two weeks of rehearsals.

Britney coos, "You know what? This is seriously something I thought about since I was a little girl. I cannot believe this just like freakin' happened! I'm, like, on a very major high right now. I feel very cool!"

But she adds, "I think the kiss may cause of couple of controversies."

But Aguilera insists Britney found the experience more nerve-wracking than she lets on.

She says, "Britney was a little shy at first. Madonna kept having to go, 'Britney, kiss me! Kiss me!' And of course, Britney gets on there trying to do the open-mouthed thing and Madonna knew she wanted closed mouth."

On her own experience, the DIRRTY beauty declares, "Madonna has very soft lips. I enjoyed it, I really did. And every rehearsal, she doesn't just fake the kiss, she just goes for the kiss every time, so I've kissed her a number of times at this point. It's been fun. There's nothing like kissing a woman!"

31/08/2003 21:16