Christina Aguilera is thrilled she met husband Jordan Bratman, because he saved her from unscrupulous 'snakes' who tried to take advantage of her. The DIRRTY singer made a conscious decision to surround herself with positive influences after repeatedly being burned by people who did not have her best interests at heart. Aguilera claims her past experiences left her cautious: "I had huge, huge trust issues, and not only with men, but also with people in general. "Especially getting success at a young age - you're going to have a lot of snakes around you. People who want to take from you anything they can. Who latch on. "I've had so many crazies around me. She claims Bratman is comfortable with her success saying, "I find males in the spotlight to be a bit full of themselves - the ones I encounter anyway. "(I chose) a strong man who is not intimidated by what I do, which is another issue for a woman who is successful - finding a man who can deal with it. "Truly, an angel came to me the day I met my husband."