Musicmaker DALLAS AUSTIN has alleged female pop stars Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone offered to perform sexual favours in exchange for his producing skills on their albums. The Grammy-winning songwriter - who has produced songs for Michael Jackson, Madonna and TLC - accuses the singers of being so desperate to work with him, they would offer their bodies to him and his friends - including Aguilera's now husband, Jordan Bratman. In the interview with Rowdy TV, the 36-year-old reveals details of his friends' sexual exploits with the female singers and alleges the AIN'T NO OTHER MAN star fantasised about having a threesome with him and Bratman. Austin produced tracks on Aguilera's STRIPPED LP in 2002, when Bratman headed the A+R department at his DARP record label. He says, "Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone... all these bitches be f**kin' for tracks. "You go in the studio with the regular girls like Ciara and them, they just want to get their work done. F**k all these bitches f**kin' for tracks!" In the controversial interviews, Austin claims Stone, 19, had sexual relationships with former LUCY PEARL singer Raphael Saadiq and rapper/producer Novel while she recorded her latest album INTRODUCING JOSS SONTE.