Christina Aguilera Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will all return to 'The Voice'.

All four stars have agreed to appear as mentors in a second season of the TV search for a singing sensation, which crowned Javier Colon its inaugural winner this week.

Paul Telegdy of the show's network, NBC, said: "Our fantastic coaches were integral to the tremendous success of 'The Voice' this year and we are thrilled that they are all returning."

Adam – who's team mentored Javier to victory – said 'The Voice' has also benefitted him, by bringing brought his pop band, Maroon 5, back into the spotlight.

He said: "It reintroduced people to our band and got people to know me as a human being. Now there's a personality people can attach themselves when they think of our band."

Country artist Blake said he's looking forward to returning because he likes the different approaches the four judges have.

He said: "The reality of it is, you've got four different artists who are doing completely different things and a network that has a time schedule that they want things to happen in.

"Who knows what'll happen, but I'd hate to miss it."

Javier won a $100,000 recording contract for triumphing in the first series.

NBC have said the second series of 'The Voice' will start early next year and enjoy a longer run than the initial series.