Christina Aguilera's fiance made last-minute alterations to her engagement ring before proposing to her, because she was wearing pink nail polish.

Jordan Bratman realised the $114,000 (GBP60,000) engagement ring from celebrity jeweller Stephen Webster would clash with the DIRRTY singer's nail colour, so he begged Webster to quickly alter his creation.

He says, "I'd asked Stephen to create a ring with one big diamond surrounded by lots of light pink ones. But when I went home that evening, I noticed that Christina was wearing this pink nail varnish she loves, which would clash with the diamonds.

"I had to get him (Webster) to change the ring pretty quickly."

Bratman knew his celebrity lover would say yes when he proposed to her at her favourite restaurant earlier this year (11FEB05): "She told me afterwards that she had no idea what I had planned, but I wouldn't have asked her if I'd had any doubt that she'd accept."

24/04/2005 10:50