Christina Aguilera has a scary encounter every Halloween - she is visited by drunken fans of her home's former owner, Ozzy Osbourne.
The singer snapped up the Beverly Hills mansion in 2007 after Ozzy and his wife Sharon put the property on the market.
But Aguilera admits the couple's antics on their MTV reality show The Osbournes ensures she's constantly bombarded by fans of the rocker.
She says, "They had some shenanigans - there's some crazy history with that house. People are ringing the doorbell and you don't know if they're Ozzy fans or my fans.
"Halloween is when you get the real drunk Ozzy fans and some crazy things happened that way. They threw like a turkey or a ham over to their neighbour's yard (in the show) and sometimes we literally get people that throw food over to our front door and I'm like, 'Do they hate me or do they hate Ozzy?'"