Pop superstar Christina Aguilera was so desperate to achieve the right sound on her latest album, she mailed out a homemade compilation CD to various producers. Before entering the studio, Aguilera made a double CD containing her favourite jazz, soul and blues songs and sent it to prospective producers - along with a handwritten note outlining her plans for Back to Basics, out next week (begs14AUG06). She says, "I sent a note to various producers that I thought might be able to wrap their head around what I was trying to do with this record and the concept. "Literally, I wrote each one a letter stating, 'Dear producer, I am setting out to make a full soul album next and these are a few of my favourites. Feel free to experiment, chop things up, mix things around, reinvent, be inspired, play around and experiment with new songs and creating a modern day feel.'" DJ PREMIER and Linda Perry ended up handling most of Back To Basics' production duties.