The battle between Christina Aguilera and a paparazzo made its way to court yesterday (22DEC04), in a pre-trial hearing to decide if any cash should be handed over for an alleged attack.

Last year (03), photographer DAVID KEELER filed a lawsuit against the DIRRTY singer, after claiming that her bodyguard physically attacked him outside Hollywood nightclub Nacional.

Keeler's attorney, RICHARD KOLBER, tells American TV show CELEBRITY Justice, "(Keeler) found Christina in the club. She came out, he took a couple of pictures and then got punched inthe face and beaten up."

The suit also says Christina "appeared to be intoxicated" and needed "assistance walking to her car".

Kolber notes, "It certainly sends the message to photographers that if you take an unflattering picture of Christina Aguilera, then you might get beaten up."

The photographer is seeking unspecified damages from Aguilera, although the judge encouraged both parties to try and reach a settlement.

Aguilera has countersued Keeler, claiming she had nothing to do with what happened. Her representatives have stated she didn't even witness the incident.

23/12/2004 03:24