Christina Aguilera has knocked Akon + Eminem off the number one spot in the European singles chart with her new single Hurt, exchanging chart places with the rap collaborators. SMACK THAT drops to number three, a spot held by Aguilera in last week's top five. Nelly Furtado's ALL GOOD THINGS (COME TO AN END) and ERIC PRYDZ VS Pink FLOYD's PROPER EDUCATION stay at numbers two and four respectively. French rapper KAMINI is at number five with MARLY-GOMONT. CARLA BRUNI knocks Furtado's LOOSE from the top spot in the European albums chart with NO PROMISES, with Loose falling to number two. U2 compilation U218 SINGLES moves to number three, while James Morrison's UNDISCOVERED remains at number four. PINK's I'M NOT DEAD is at number five.