Christina Aguilera has gifted her biggest celebrity fan, Ellen Degeneres, with a personal keepsake - her Lady Marmalade video hair and the revealing chaps she wore in the DIRRTY promo. The pop superstar recently taped an interview on DeGeneres US talk show and wanted to say a special thankyou to the host, who has a shrine to the singer in her dressing room, for her constant support. So Aguilera pulled the "candyfloss wig" she wore in the Lady Marmalade promo out of a bag, telling Ellen, "If you ever get bored... you can just stick that on." The FIGHTER singer also gave DeGeneres a selection of her favourite lipsticks and the "assless chaps" she wore in her Dirrty video. She joked, "I can get them in your size because I know they won't fit."