Christina Aguilera has reportedly sacked her manager after a row over poor sales of a magazine featuring pictures of her and her family.

The DIRRTY singer reportedly threw a tantrum and sacked her manager, her PR firm BWR and an assistant after the issue of People sold 100,000 less copies than usual, reports the Sun.

A source told the newspaper: "She went crazy and had a massive tantrum. It was astonishing. She was absolutely furious and blamed her staff for the way everything had been handled."

The source added that AGUILERA decided BWR had to go then gave her day-to-day manger and one of her assistants "their marching orders too".

It has been reported that the magazine paid £750,000 for the pictures of the singer only to sell 1.3 million copies of the issue, which featured AGUILERA and her son MAX LIRON on the cover.

Earlier this month, AGUILERA revealed that she will be raising her son on tour as she is unwilling to let her status as a mother stop her from returning to work.

25/02/2008 15:41:14