Pop star Christina Aguilera will never leave the house without make-up because it's her 'armour' against the paparazzi and the public. The BEAUTIFUL singer claims she would feel too exposed if she went out without being made up and needs it to feel confident. She explains, "The red lips are - I don't want to call them armour, but they're the clothes of my character and I'm in the business of entertainment. "I am a woman who has my extremely vulnerable side and my baggage - and at times I feel extremely weak. "And who's to say a little mascara doesn't make you feel more confident when you pop it on and look in the mirror? "It helps, especially in my position, where I have people waiting down the street to take pictures of me so they can evaluate and criticise every little flaw on my face. "I suppose that's where the armour would come into the picture!"