Christina Aguilera is planning to completely revamp her pop sound and explore synth music - with the help of U.K. rockers Ladytron.
The singer is such a fan of the electro quartet she has recruited them to help shape her new vocal style.
And Ladytron keyboardist Daniel Hunt explains that Aguilera, famed for her three-octave range, has toned down her powerful singing as a result of their studio collaboration.
Hunt says, "We first heard that we were one of Christina's favourite bands last summer. We were chuffed. So we went over to L.A. to meet her in December where she identified the type of Ladytron songs that she liked.
"We were impressed because she had a real deep knowledge of our music - album tracks, not just the singles. She's an absolutely amazing singer but one of the things she talked about was working with a softer vocal sound, so I think the stuff we do will feature simpler melodies."
And Hunt isn't ruling out live performances with the Dirrty hitmaker: "We haven't discussed performing together but I'd love for us to do something - maybe be her backing band for a show or two."