Pop temptress Christina Aguilera prefers intelligent men to hunks with perfect physiques.

The DIRRTY star, 22, enjoys dating intellectual types rather than guys who spend all their time in the gym.

Aguilera says, "I'm extremely attracted to intellect and individuality.

"I don't care about a six pack - if anything, when I first meet someone like that, it's actually a turn-off."

The singer is also keen to follow in the footsteps of musical contemporaries - Eminem and BRITNEY SPEARS - by starring in a Hollywood film, when she can find a role to suit her.

Aguilera explains, "I've turned down a lot of scripts because they just haven't been right.

"I don't want to play a singer, but I hope to be working on a movie later this year (04) once I find the right thing."

09/04/2004 17:28