Pop star Christina Aguilera is attacking America's Army bases, insisting they're a hotbed for domestic abuse. The BEAUTIFUL singer grew up on Army bases because her father was a sergeant and she reveals she was surrounded by wife-beating soldiers, whose actions went largely unnoticed. Speaking exclusively to America's USA Weekend magazine, Aguilera says, "We lived on Army bases when I was little, and it (domestic violence) was happening a lot. "The MPs (military police) would come, but a lot of them were doing the same things (to their wives and kids). "I was surrounded with domestic violence, not only in my home but my friends'." Aguilera has never been one to shy away from the abuse she experienced as her mother and father fought and often writes about her memories in songs like I'M OK and new song OH MOTHER. She adds, "It's therapeutic for me to talk about it. It gives me a reason to understand why I went through what I did."