Christina Aguilera has no regrets about her raunchy music video for hit single DIRRTY - because it made her feel "empowered". The singer, who stripped down to a pair of leather chaps for the promo, insists she enjoyed expressing her inner self in the controversial video - and reveled in the controversy that accompanied its release. She tells Glamour magazine, "I definitely stirred the pot a bit but I had fun. "If it's under the mark of respectability then it's prudish, if it's over the mark, it's slutty. That's really unfair, so I'm happy I've been able to express myself and be on both sides. People have loved it, hated it, been undecided, and been empowered by it." And the now-pregnant Aguilera has not ruled out donning the chaps at a later date. She adds, "I was 21 and possibly when I'm 60, if I can still fit into them... at the end of the day, I can say I had a frickin' blast... a f**king blast!"