Christina Aguilera and LIL' KIM are going back to the 1980s in their new video CAN'T HOLD US DOWN - and it promises to be even more raunchy than the BEAUTIFUL singer's previous on-screen efforts.

Video director DAVID LaCHAPELLE, who directed Aguilera's controversial DIRRTY video, has recreated 1984 New York.

He says, "It's my ode to the '80s. I love hip-hop and breakdancing and b-boys and fly girls and all that, and they're all represented. We have some amazing characters in the video and I think it looks pretty cool."

LaChapelle is also promising Aguilera will be sexing it up in the video - like she did in Dirrty.

He adds, "You saw Dirrty, right? We're calling it Dirrtier. She looks hot. A good friend of mine, video director Jonas Akerlund, thinks Christina is the new JOHNNY LYDON because she doesn't give a f***. It's fun working with people like that."

18/05/2003 21:04