Christina Aguilera was wracked with nerves the first time she met Cher on the set of their new movie BURLESQUE - because she wasn't looking her best.
The Genie in a Bottle singer had dreamed about the first meeting, but it didn't quite go down as she had imagined.
She explains, "I remember I had my son on my hip and I go in and I'm like, 'I'm not even in heels...' I got dragged into the situation on a whim on my way to dance rehearsals in sweats and flats.
"I said, 'But she's Cher and she's so tall and I'm so short and I'm not in heels - and I wanna look good."
But she needn't have worried - Cher wasn't bothered what her co-star looked like: "She just opened her arms to me."