Christina Aguilera has been forced to scrap her summer (04) tour with Chingy after suffering vocal strain.

The singer called MTV's TOTAL REQUEST LIVE show yesterday (29APR04) to tell fans she wouldn't be performing after doctors ordered her to rest her voice, or risk serious problems.

She said, "I really look forward to get back out there and I'm using this time to write for my next record. It'll make it bigger and better because I'll have time to get things right for the next tour.

"I've had vocal strain in the past because I do sing live...but I just got off of a world tour and I was going to do this summer thing as a fun thing and I had this great show planned, but I was recording some vocals in the studio and, unfortunately, I strained a couple of chords.

"I'll use the time to get back on my feet and get fully energised."

Aguilera's tour was due to start on 13 May (04) in Auburn, Washington.

30/04/2004 02:58