LATEST: The New York teenager caught in the middle of Christie Brinkley's marriage breakdown has broken her silence over the affair on TV, claiming she "got caught up in things". DIANA BIANCHI, 19, insists she had no idea Peter Cook, 47, would take their relationship so far when he started showering her with gifts, money and compliments. She adds he made no secret of his marriage to the former supermodel and never promised to leave her. Speaking to Fox 5 News' ROSANNA SCOTTO yesterday (17JUL06), Bianchi says the pair met when she was working at a toy store when she was 17, and he immediately offered her a place at his architecture firm. She says, "I feel like I just wasn't thinking straight. I got flattered and caught up in things. "I needed a job, and he told me he would double my salary. "I knew he was married. I mean, there were pictures of his family in his office everywhere. I never expected that he would take it to a different level. "He'd make advances toward me at first and then I guess it just escalated to something that I didn't really expect. "He said he was unhappy, he was looking for something new or different. He said he wished things were different. He wished he were younger or that he had met me at a different time."