Former supermodel Christie Brinkley is throwing her support behind a campaign calling for the closure of all nuclear power plants across the U.S.
Billy Joel's ex has previously joined forces with United Nations officials to raise awareness about the need for nuclear disarmament, and she's leaping into action again in light of the disaster in Japan.
The Japanese government is struggling to contain radiation levels around a nuclear centre damaged in the 9.0-magnitude earthquake last month (Mar11), and Brinkley is pleading with U.S. authorities to take action now to protect the country from its own possible future meltdown.
In an interview on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Wednesday (06Apr11), she says, "Now with what's going on in Japan... I want to get the message out that nuclear power plants are dangerous. We haven't contained them..."
And Brinkley is particularly concerned about one plant in upstate New York, just 38 miles (61 kilometres) from the city centre.
She adds, "Right here in New York City is just too close. If you love Broadway, if you love everything the Big Apple has to offer, we can't allow Indian Point (Energy Center) to stay open another day."