The twin private investigators who helped model Christie Brinkley reach a settlement in her divorce trial insist their evidence would have ruined her ex-husband Peter Cook.
After five court days of testimony in Long Island, New York court, the bitter former couple reached an agreement on Thursday (10Jul08) morning.
And private investigators Ty and Stephen Dux are convinced the "smoking gun" facts they were about to present to the case prompted Cook and his legal team to give Brinkley full custody of the couple's children, Sailor and Jack.
In a frank interview with U.S. TV news show Extra, the Dux twins reveal they spent a year trailing Cook, videotaping him with and without his children.
Ty Dux says, "The footage is not of sexual nature... (It's) more information that would have been damaging to him with his relationship to his children and possibly his community.
"Some of his actions might have been a little reckless with his kids that could have caused them some harm. Some of it could be considered illegal."
Dux adds the videotaped footage of Cook was going to be introduced as evidence in the trial.
He adds, "I believe he had had enough already."
And now he insists the footage will not be made public: "It would have been bombshell evidence... (but) even if we were allowed to release the information... I don't know if I'd want to because I believe he's ruined already."