LATEST: Christie Brinkley's disgraced husband, architect Peter Cook, has a long history of seducing teens, according to his teen lover. DIANA BIANCHI, 19, claims Cook's friends have told her he had trysts with a series of other young women before meeting her at a toy store in Southampton, Long Island. She says, "(I've been) hearing that I'm not the first person that this was happening with. I guess... there's a lot of other girls in this position right now, and it's not a good place to be." Fox news correspondent Roger Friedman claims Cook was cheating on Brinkley as far back as 1996, when the couple first started seeing each other. Friedman says the-then-37-year-old Cook was seriously dating 19-year-old singer SAMANTHA COLE at the same time he was romancing Brinkley. Cole says she has been contacted by Cook in the last couple of days to tell her there could be renewed interest in their relationship, thanks to the new scandal. She explains, "Peter asked me to marry him in May, and in June he was engaged to Christie. Neither one of use knew about the other."