LATEST: Christie Brinkley's disgraced husband Peter Cook is reaching out to the pop star wannabe he cheated on while dating the supermodel. Singer SAMANTHA COLE claims Cook, who has been exposed as a love rat by a teenager he romanced behind Brinkley's back, has been inundating her with heartfelt phone calls since splitting from the supermodel earlier this month (JUL06). Cole, who romanced Cook a decade ago and even turned down an offer of marriage from the shamed architect, says, "He kind of called and told me that something was going down and he thought it was gonna go away and blow over but didn't. Then I got another phone call. He apologised for all the phone calls. "I asked him how he was doing and I said, 'I hope you're OK.' He's doing OK. He's definitely, obviously, thrown into the mix at this point." Cole admits she's shocked her ex risked his family for the sake of a fling with teenager DIANA BIANCHI - because his kids by Brinkley are so important to him. She adds, "He's told me as little as a year ago that his kids mean everything, so I was kind of shocked."