Supermodel-turned-peace activist Christie Brinkley fought back tears at the United Nations in New York on Thursday (11Oct07) as she spoke out against the war in Iraq. The former wife of Billy Joel, looking bookish in spectacles and a smart suit, addressed the Global Security Institute's meeting against nuclear weapons, explaining that former U.S. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice terrified Americans with her 2002 warnings about a nuclear attack from Iraq. She told the politicians, "It is an honour to speak here at the United Nations," before adding, "The government blinded much of the American public... This blind fear prevented us from approaching the necessary task of preventing proliferation through rational means, and war has been the result." She then had to gather herself after urging the panel before her to continue its efforts to "obtain a nuclear weapons-free world." She sobbed as she said, "Thankyou for the opportunity to say this." Brinkley, flashing the peace sign for cameras, told reporters she's extremely passionate about her anti-nuclear stance. She says, "The children are so innocent but they're always the first victims."