LATEST: Christie Brinkley should be awarded sole custody of her children with estranged husband Peter Cook, according to a court-appointed psychiatrist.
The fourth day of the former couple's divorce trial was underway in a New York court on Tuesday (08Jul08) when Dr. Stephen Herman took the stand, calling Cook a "narcissist" and championing Brinkley's parenting skills.
The Manhattan psychiatrist concluded Cook's personality demands constant reassurance, after examining the couple and their two sons Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10.
Herman told the court: "While most people need some 'feeding' of their egos, Mr. Cook has an insatiable appetite."
Herman also answered "Yes" when asked whether Cook's affair with teenage mistress Diana Bianchi reflected "colossally bad judgment", adding that getting involved with her was a "major mistake and the beginning of the end of the family".
The psychiatrist also confirmed that Cook told him he had approximately 35 sexual partners in his lifetime, and called his efforts to expose his children to new girlfriend Suzanne Shaw a case of "bad judgment".
But Herman did air some concern regarding Brinkley's mothering skills after evaluating her relationship history. He also considered the affect her past romances might have had on her grown-up daughter Alexa, from her marriage to rocker Billy Joel.
He adds, "One could raise her four marriages as not being a good model for her daughter to emulate."
Despite issuing words of caution for the pair, the doctor concluded his testimony by calling Brinkley and Cook "superb parents" - adding in his report: "Despite what happened, the children love their father and have a close bond with him."
Brinkley was forced to admit her own praise of Cook's parenting skills when she took the stand on Monday (07Jul08) during a cross-examination, quoting her own words from a 2005 interview when she called Cook "the greatest father".
The trial continues.