Christie Brinkley's latest battle with Peter Cook is heating up - the former model has accused her ex-husband of lying during a court hearing.
The pair, who divorced in October 2008, are back in court, with both parties demanding the other should be jailed for going against specific terms of their divorce settlement.
On Wednesday (07Oct09), Brinkley accused Cook of failing to stick to the rules by talking about the divorce on U.S. TV, as well as allowing his girlfriend to spend time with their kids.
And she's furious about his counter claim that she withheld their son's passport when he was supposed to travel to Egypt with his father.
In a statement issued to WENN on Thursday (8Oct09), the former model's publicist insists Cook is responsible for the lost passport - and he is to blame for the current court battle.
The statement reads, “Peter Cook’s claim that Ms. Brinkley refused to turn over her son’s passport is without merit and wholly disingenuous.
"Ms. Brinkley ran to her dearest friend’s side, who had just lost her mother, and made the passport available to Mr. Cook a few hours after the agreed upon delivery time. Mr. Cook refused to drive five to ten minutes out of his way to pick the passport up from Ms. Brinkley’s residence.
"As a consequence of Mr. Cook’s senseless refusal to retrieve the passport, Ms. Brinkley made arrangements to have it personally delivered to Mr. Cook’s residence. Had he been at all reasonable and sympathetic to Ms Brinkley’s situation, the application he filed with the court would have been unnecessary."