LATEST: Former supermodel Christie Brinkley dumped husband Peter Cook after he had an affair with his 19-year-old personal assistant, according to media reports in the US. Brinkley, 52, ditched her fourth husband after a dramatic confrontation between Cook and the stepfather of his teenage mistress occurred right in front of her. A source tells the National Enquirer, "The girl's stepdad is a local cop in Southampton (New York) and he initially went to Cook and told him to end the romance. "But nothing happened and then the stepfather found out where Christie and Peter were going to be at an event. "He went up to both of them and said right in front of Christie, 'If I were not worried about getting my pension, you'd be a dead man. Stop dating my daughter.'" The supermodel threw her husband out of the house the following day, according to the source. Cook met 19-year-old DIANA BIANCHI last year (05), when she was working as a clerk at a toy store and was only 18 years old. He then hired her as his "personal assistant" at his architectural firm. The source adds, "He wined and dined her. She's an aspiring singer and he helped her make connections in the music business." Bianchi's uncle, JOSEPH BIANCHI, told the Enquirer, "It's an emotional time for Diana and she's really dealing with a lot right now." When contacted by the publication, Cook did not deny the affair saying, "I am happy to reply that I love my wife, I love my children. I have never stopped loving and caring for them, and we are still a family."