The woman at the centre of Christie Brinkley's forthcoming divorce battle with estranged husband Peter Cook may be called as a witness in the upcoming trial, according to her lawyer.
Brinkley's legal team have called on Diane Bianchi, whose alleged affair with Cook reportedly led to the couple's split, to testify at the trial next month (Jul08) in Long Island, New York.
Bianchi became a tabloid sensation in 2006 after it was reported that she become romantically involved with Cook while she was his teenage assistant. She went on to sue Cook and settled for an undisclosed sum out of court last year (07).
And the divorce, which was filed for by Brinkley in 2006 after reports of the alleged affair surfaced, has made headlines again this month (Jun08), after the former model won the right to keep the proceedings open to the public in a motion filed last week (19Jun08) - despite protests from Cook and their children's guardian Theresa Mari.
Now, Brinkley's legal team have set their sights on Bianchi - calling her as a witness at the trial.
Joseph Tacopina, Bianchi's attorney, tells, "She's been subpoenaed to testify, and if called to testify, she will testify truthfully."
And the lawyer insists Bianchi has been nothing but an innocent victim: "She in a lot of ways is a very composed young lady and in a lot of ways a young girl.
"She struggled with this and her family struggled. The way it was brought to the public's attention is not the way anyone wants to be known."
Yet Tacopina found the legal proceedings the perfect opportunity to publicise his client's talents, he added, "She's a budding young singer with a terrific voice. She's dabbling in a bunch of things and also trying to keep her anonymity."