Christie Brinkley and her ex-husband Peter Cook have finally made peace - the warring former couple has reached an agreement to end an ongoing court battle over their kids.
The former supermodel split from the businessman in 2008 over claims he was addicted to porn. She later filed for divorce when it emerged he had conducted an affair with his teenage assistant in 2004.
The couple endured a bitter court battle over the details of their divorce, which was finally settled in October last year (08).
But they headed back to court this month (Oct09) with both parties demanding the other be jailed for breaking specific terms of the settlement, with Cook accusing his ex-wife of trying to "ruin" his relationship with their children.
They was due back in front of a judge in New York on Tuesday (13Oct09) but Brinkley's attorneys issued a statement claiming they have reached an agreement and the case has been settled.
The statement reads, "Ms. Brinkley is completely vindicated. The parties’ settlement approved by the judge today does not grant any of the requests in Peter Cook’s motion which dragged Ms. Brinkley back to court. Each and every one of Mr. Cook’s vindictive requests including, among others, his request for Ms. Brinkley to undergo anger management, for the appointment of a parenting coordinator, and for the children’s passports to be held by a third party, are not provided for in the document agreed to by both parties.
"Since Mr. Cook lost the custody battle in the divorce trial, he has staged a relentless smear campaign against Ms. Brinkley. Ms. Brinkley chose not to exercise her right to hold Mr. Cook in clear violation of their original confidentiality agreement until Ms. Brinkley was served this unfounded and unwarranted court action at her children’s school holiday concert this past December. It was only at that time that she agreed to file her counterclaims which she hereby withdraws today in an effort to put this all behind her.
"For the sake of the children, she is hopeful that Mr. Cook will cease his attacks on the children’s mother.”